Kate is an experienced English teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. Having studeied in the USA and her home country, Kate specializes in teaching English to both adults and children. She is skilled in preparing students for standardized exams and is passionate about empowering her students with the language skills they need to succeed. She never runs out of her teaching materials and of an inspiration. She is also an axcellent supervisor / organizor of summmer city camps for kids.

Klára is a young and motivated English teacher with a diverse range of experiences. Having lived and worked in France for an English-speaking family, Klára gained valuable cultural insights and language proficiency. She has a passion for teaching children and has excelled in leading summer city camps, where she engages students in interactive and immersive learning experiences.
Hanka is an experienced English teacher known for her experience in teaching at both public and private schools. Specializing in preparing students for the Maturita exam, she has a proven track record of success. Additionally, Hanka is recognized as an expert in chemistry, having studied in her beloved city of Pardubice. Her deep understanding of chemistry enriches her teaching approach, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
Teshome is an experienced English teacher with a rich multicultural background. Hailing from Ethiopia, he pursued his university studies both in his home country and in the Czech Republic, broadening his perspective and language proficiency. Teshome's experience with living in Germany has further enriched his cultural awareness and language skills, including fluency in German and a talent for teaching the language. Beyond his linguistic expertise, Teshome is renowned for his captivating storytelling abilities, which he seamlessly incorporates into his teaching methods.
Kimia is a young and enthusiastic English teacher originally from Iran, living in the Czech Republic after getting married. With a lifelong passion for English, she began learning the language at the age of 6, achieving fluency through dedicated study and immersion. Kimia's teaching approach is dynamic and modern, integrating online tools and content that resonate with her students' interests. Her innovative methods ensure engaging and effective learning experiences for her students.

Martina is an English teacher residing permanently in Ireland, holding Irish citizenship. Renowned for her exceptional ability to explain grammar concepts, Martina seamlessly integrates historical context into her lessons, providing students with a deeper understanding of the language. She is proficient in both common language usage and academic English, ensuring comprehensive learning experiences for her students. Martina's lessons are known for their enjoyable and engaging nature.